Kamma Rahbek


Hanne Langberg


Kamma Rahbek skriver til Johanne Langberg, at hun ikke kan forestille sig, hvor dårligt kåben passer, men Kamma vil gøre alt for at redde den og beder Hanne komme og hjælpe hende. Bagefter skal de læse de smukkeste scener i Cymbeline, som Kamma ved, at hun vil kunne lide. Hun kommer i tanke om, at hvis Hanne kunne komme straks, kunne Kamma arbejde på den, til hun kommer i eftermiddag, men det er måske for meget at ønske i det dårlige vejr.


[Tilføjet med anden håndskrift:] 1818

Dear Hannah!
You cannot imagine how desperatly the gown fits me, especially in the hinder part of it; yet I will try all means possible to save Your labour, ‘tho’ You wrought it with an air of indifference, which I never saw You put on, in that degree, before Pray, if it don’t make You any trouble, come betimes to day, in order to help me somewhat with my desperate gown; and that done, we shall peruse some of the most beautiful-l- scenes in -Y-our Cymbeline, in which You will delight. I am sure of it – beyond description.
You have forgot Your handkerchief here yesterday night. Have You not some // few pins to spare for me?
I now reflect on it, that if You could come directly, but for some moments, we could better try the gown, and I could then work on it till Your coming this afternoon; but ‘tis not courteous to desire You to go abroad in this bad weather. Do therefore as You please, and You will allways do, as it pleases!

friend K:M:R:

In great hurry, as may be seen.

[På konvolutten:]
The honnourable Lady, Hannah Langberg.



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