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23.3.1878 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Thomas Donaldson skriver til Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann i anledning af hendes søns, Harald Jerichaus, død. Donaldson udtrykker sin sorg og medfølelse, og han mindes sin afdøde hustru, der også oplevede at miste et barn. Donaldson har mistet sin svigerdatter, som Jerichau Baumann tidligere har portrætteret. Han skriver, at portrættet er dem til stor trøst, nu da hun er væk.

21 Upper Bedford Place
London W.C 23. March 1878

My dear Mme Jerichau.
      I have been deeply conceived to learn the heavy sorrow you & your family have in the death of your clever son, who from the first seems to have displayed such distinguished talent, and in whose future you appeared to have every prospect of the most brilliant success. But far dearer must be you the memory of his general character, his love & // affection for you & general disposition. My poor dear late wife, who loved you so sincerely, would have sympathized with you intensely in this trial from your heavenly Father, for she had the like loss, you will remember, & knew too well the depth of sorrow it occasioned.
May you dear Friend find the consolation[,] strength & submission, which religion & reliance on the // tender merciful love of an ever wise God can alone give.
      I have been longing to hear from you & to know how and where you are, hoping you are well & pros-pering & that all around you[,] Mr Jerichau & your children & even those far away, are all that you can wish. Since my dear wife’s death in September 1876 my two kind sisters Mm Nicholson and Miss Donaldson have Kindly come to share my house with me & take care of their old Brother now 82 past! The only fault I find with them is that they are spoiling me by // their incessant Kindness. Two months a go my dear son Olinthus lost his dear Mariette!! whose portrait you drew when she was a mere child, & 22 when she died! Your portrait is a great treasure to the afflicted poor dear Father [.] But it was a merciful dispensation for the disease (Epilepsy) had incessantly increased & might have resulted in “dementia”.
We are all otherwise in good health & have many mercies to be thankful for. Pray write soon & believe me dear Mm Jerichau
      For ever attached old Friend
      Tho. L: Donaldson

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