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11.3.1863 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Th. Donaldson skriver i brevet til Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann, at han har sendt de 6 basepartier fra Danmark direkte videre til Marlborough Lane. Han gik selv til arkitekten James Pennethornes kontor og de tilså sammen kassernes ankomst. Der skal de stå, indtil Prins Edvard har truffet beslutninger om dem. Sammen med Mr. Pennethorne gik Donaldson videre til Marlborough House, hvor Pennethorne står for den store renovering. Donaldson mener, at stedet nu vil være den nye Prinsesse af Wales, Alexandra, en værdig bolig.
Donaldson vedlægger i brevet registreringspapirerne for J.A. Jerichaus skulpturgruppe. Han anbefaler dem at registrere gruppen for et år med mulighed for forlængelse. Jerichau skal underskrive registreringspapirerne og returnere dem med 2 fotografier af gruppen eller 2 tegninger af den.

London Bolton Gardens Russellsquare
                                                                                                                                            11 March 1863
My dear Madam Jerichau.
       The Railway authorities impatient I suppose of warehousing the 6 bases sent them here this morning. I directed the carrier to proceed to Marlborough Lane & myself went to Mr Pennethorn’s (the Government architect’s) office & finding him there we went together & saw the cases safely deposited under a Portico: where they will remain till the Prince’s pleasure is ascertained. This in all likelihood will not be for some time as he will be too much occupied with his charming Bride now our Princess of Wales. I went over Marlborough house with Mr. Pennethorne & found it transformed under his judicious taste into a very convenient & indeed elegant residence, & it is being filled up in a manner worthy the Princess.
       With regard to the registration of the groupe I enclose a paper which however is very unintelligible even to me. The result is that I recommend for the present provisional Registration for which the fee is one shilling. it is for one yearx. after
[fodnote tilføjet i marginen på side 1:] x the fee is one shilling
// that Mr Jerichau can have an extension of 6 months if required & then he may register completely, but the fee is enormous £ 5.0. Let him at once with out [s?]ign the following application.

                                                                                                                               C.D. Works March 31. 1852
You are hereby requested to register provisionally the accompanying ornament al design for Sculpture, in the name of        Jerichau Sculptor of Copenhagen Denmark who claims to be the Proprietor thereof & return the same to the bearer of the official acknowledgement for the same.
The design being for a groupe in Sculpture xxx representing the Aeation of Eve
To the Registrar of Designs
Designs office London

Mr Jerichau must send 2 photographs or drawings of the groupe to deposit in different offices.

He will of cou[r]se have received my letter written to you on the 9 th. Mm. Donaldson continues confined to her [room?] She unites with me in Kindest regards to yourself & Mr Jerichau. Every one already heartily loves the Princess.
Believe me dr. Mm. Jerichau yr. attached Friend
                                                                      Tho. L: Donaldson

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