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Afsenders adresse er: Bolton Gardens Russell Square

4.11.1860 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Thomas Donaldson skriver til Elisabeth Jerichau (EJB) om J.A. Jerichaus skulpturgruppe, som netop er ankommet til London i god tilstand. Han roser værkets komposition, linjer og konturer, dets evne til at berøre beskueren og mandefigurens udtryksfuldhed og ro. Donaldson mener, at værket er meget nyskabende.
De sidste 2 måneder har mange i Londons kunstverden været ude og rejse, men nu begynder folk at vende tilbage igen. Donaldson antager, at der vil blive meget travlt de næste 8 måneder.
Donaldson spørger, om hun har modtaget den notits, han sendte hende, om et af hendes udstillede malerier i Manchester. Han håber, at hun også har modtaget et katalog. Donaldsons hustru spørger, om EJB har modtaget hendes visitkort med portræt af Donaldson.
Donaldsons søn, James, er rejst til Hamborg med sin kommende brud og svigermor.

Bolton Gardens Russellsqr
4. November 1860

My dear Mme. Jerichau.
            The exquisite group which Mr Jerichau has so kindly sent me is arrived & we are delighted with it for it is a remarkable work of art. 1st for the general composition as a group, so well [found?], such varied lines & contours so graceful // 2nd. then again the sentiment is so moving. The stern courage of the man. The maternal agony of the [Lauther?] & it firce rage. & 3rd. the expression of the man & his calmness. And there is so much novelty, that it does not recall any other group ancient or modern, as a “motivo” or “inspiration”; but stands alone by itself.
We beg you to thank your kind Husband the Director, & to tell him // how much charmed we are to possess so fine a work of art & so rare a one.
            It was delivered here free of all chasse . We have perched a full xxx glass & stand for it, & are now only deliberating, as to where we shall place it most worthily & advantageously.
            For the last 2 months there has been quite a bull in the artistic world. Every one has been away from London either for health or pleasure or for study (as the Landscape Painters). But now People are returning, the learned Societies are resuming their meetings, & I suppose that for the next 8 months, all will be hurry & bustle & strife – again //
            Pray did you receive the Paper, which I sent you, containing a notion (too short an one) of yr. picture at Manchester? I derived also Mr [Janbairn?] to forward you a Catalogue, which I presume he did. Your Friends the Tennants are returned to Jade. Mme Donaldson begs me to ask you, if you ever received her letter with my full length photographic portrait, as a visiting Card.
Our James is now at Hamburgh with his future Bride & mother-in-law, both of whom have been unwell. We expect them back in a week or two.
I should like to know Mr Jerichau’s opinion of a very remarkable political declaration by L. xxx Russell just addressed to Ct. Cavour on the Italian [In…tion?]. It will not be very palatable to some of the Continental Potentates. It is very strong on the rights of the Peoples, & the duties & responsibilities of xxx. Mme. D unites with me in affectionate regards to yourself & Mr Director Jerichau & trust you & all around you are well & happy. Believe me ever most sincerely & truly yr Friend T. L Donaldson.

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