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29.6.1881 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Thomas Donaldson har fået tilsendt tre eksemplarer af Elisabeth Jerichau Baumanns bog Brogede Rejsebilleder, som er fyldt med hendes og sønnen Harald Jerichaus illustrationer.
Donaldson er tæt på at fylde 86 og han skriver, at hans fysik er god trods alderen, men at hans hukommelse svigter ham. Han døjer lidt med dårlig hørelse og dårligt syn. Han spørger, om hun har modtaget det katalog fra The Royal Academy, som han har sendt til hende.
Donaldsons nevø Andrew er vendt tilbage til England, og Donaldson glæder sig til at se hans værdsatte værker.
Donaldson diskuterer hans egen kontra den moderne, kunstneriske skole. Afslutningsvis referer Donaldson, at man har fundet en ny Minerva-statue i Athen, som han har et fotografi af.

Be pleased to let me have your precise and proper address of your residence at Copenhagen

21 Upper Bedford Place
29 June 1881

My dear Mme Jerichau
     For some days (perhaps I should say for some weeks), there has been a [roulean?] upon my desk addressed to me as from Mac Millan xxx 3/6 °, which I have hitherto omitted to open; for I had altogether forgotten all about it: but this morning having nothing particular to do, I xxx unfolded it and found three numbers of your publication, with the beautiful illustrations from your graceful pencil, & your son’s contributions of Constantinople. But there was no letter or note from Mc Millan & […?] // I must now let you know somewhat of my late history. I know, that I shall be soon 86 years of age, and within a very few months, I have been materially affected by my advancing period. In fact I have lost I may say all memory, and even events and occurrence of merely a few months ago I cannot recall. My hearing also fails me & my sight to a degree. For my general bodily health, it is excellent (thank God) I have no disease or complaint upon my frame whatever. But my faculties fail me though physically so strong, and I cannot walk above 100 yards, & then I toddle along till I get a cab or hansom or some conveyance. And so in God’s Providence I approach my latter end, submissively & grateful to an Heavenly Father for all his Gracious dealings and forbearance to a poor [human?] that I am, relying only on his Grace through Jesus Christ // This must account for any of my shortcomings to you, my dear Friend, & Ihope you will pardon my failings. Pray did you receive the Royal Academy Catalogue which I sent you the very day it opened? And I hope I added an illustrated critical review with scratch illustrations, as I had intended to do. You will have learned from me[,] I think, that my nephew Andrew is returned with his Wife & family. I understand that he has a rich collection of sketches & views from nature, which are highly approved. He is now in the country with his whole group of young ones working away at the country house of Mr Twining his wife’s Father. I am anxiously awaiting his return to enjoy the sight of his works. He is highly blessed in possessing a wise & highly cultivated Partner of his life – her voice & style of singing are exquisitely first rate. // I am afraid that our school does not maintain the position it ought to occupy in the struggle with foreign nations. The art union distribute this year a series of prints like engraving, entitled the Road to Ruin. In fact the story of a Gambler’s passion & fall, painted by Frith, whose merit you must be acquainted with. The grouping & expression of the figure are admirable, but to my mind the general effect is too black & dark.
     I must now conclude and not further try your patience with my small talk. I wish I had more to tell you about art, my the bye, that is a striking statue of Minerva dug up at Athens, of which I have got a photograph. The figure is of late style of art, but still retains som[e]what the Phidean elements of high art, failing in proportion. Ihope Mr Jerichau enjoys good health & is fully occupied in producing his fine work, and your son also that he finds patronage for his taste & skill & that yourself dear Lady have lately executed & are engaged upon some congenial subjects worthy your powers. My sisters […?] with me […?] expression of faithful […?] & regard. Believe me ever […?] Tho. L: Donaldson

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumanns kunstneriske aktiviteter i England
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