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25.5.1881 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Thomas Donaldson har modtaget et brev fra forlaget Macmillan, som ikke virker interesserede i at udgive Elisabeth Jerichau Baumanns rejsebog Brogede Rejsebilleder. Dette ærgrer Donaldson, da han mener, at værket kunne være af interesse for mange læsere.
Donaldsons nevø Andrew er vendt tilbage til England sammen med sin hustru.
Donaldson bor sammen med sine to søstre, og den af søstrene har været meget syg. Den anden søster er ved godt helbred og hun passer dem alle sammen, selvom hun er 82 år gammel.
Donaldson føler sig rask, men hans hukommelse svigter.

1 21 Upper Bedford Place
London W C 25 May 1881

2 My dear Jerichau
         I yesterday received the accompanying note from Mc Millan & […?] no think in forwarding it on to you. I regret that the Firm do not see their way to avail themselves of the opportunity of publishing a work with such varied information of an artistic, social & literary nature, as I should hope would // interest a large sphere of Readers. I have also received from [Mesd?] V the 3 copies of the numbers, which I shall retain, until you let me know, whether I should return them to you or send them on to other parties; and await your instructions[.]
I hope you & all yours are quite well – my nephew Andrew Donaldson and his wife & group are all returned home. I wish you had known them in Rome. // My sister Mary (Mrs Nicholson) has been very ill all this year 1881; & we have been most anxious about her. But she is somewhat better now, & we would hope [she] may still be spared to us. My sister Jane is very well & keeps us all alive by her energy & vivacity a[l]though 82!!
I am very well in health: but I feel my faculties failing me. My memory [is] almost gone & the others as // hearing, seeing, [is?] on the wane! Have I sent you the illustrated Critique on the Academy Exhibition of this year?
Adieu adieu dear Friend
         & believe me ever
         Yr . attached
         Tho. L: Donaldson

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Thomas Donaldson · Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann
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