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10.3.1879 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Thomas Donaldson sender på hendes forespørgsel Mr. Crackens adresse i London til Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann. Han skriver, at hun skal komme direkte til hans hjem i London, når han ankommer. Dér kan hun bo, indtil hun finder et egnet sted at leje sig ind. Han har alle hendes malerier til opbevaring i sit hjem, og han har hængt hendes søns maleri fra Sardes op i spisestuen.
Donaldson har nyligt oplevet sin kusine Hannah Binfields død, og hans svigerdatter har fået amputeret det ene ben. Heldigvis er svigerdatteren i bedring.

21 Upper Bedford Place
London W. C [indsat stempel med Donaldsons mærke] 10 March • 79

My dear Friend
      On looking over your last letter, I see that you ask me for Mc Cracken’s address it is 38 Cannon St. Queen St I.C. You mention that we may have the pleasure of seeing you in April. When you come, you must drive direct to this house for a few days, so as to enable you to find apartment a Mm. Jerichau // suitable to you, instead of going to an Hotel in the first instance. We have your pictures here all safe; but the agent retains the frames as They are too large for us to stav away. For the present I have temporarily hung up the small picture of Sardes, of yr. dear son, in the dining Room, & thus it is constantly // under our eyes reminding us of you dear Friend.
      We have had a sad loss lately in the death of a sweet musician cousin Hannah Binfield, which took place after a short illness – and another trial has been, that my dear Daughter in Law the wife of my son James, has been obliged to suffer the amputation of her leg! // necessitated by a disease in her Knee, arising from an accident very many years ago of falling on the step of a marble staircase at Hamburg, and from which she has been a constant sufferer, until to save her precious life it was necessary to take off the limb at the thigh 3 weeks ago! She bore it most heroically under chloroform, & is now thank God most favorably progressing to recovery!
With my sisters’ & my own kindest regards.
Believe me, dear M. Jerichau.
      Yr. ever faithful Friend
      Tho. L: Donaldson

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