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Kamma Rahbek 1818 Hanne Langberg

Idet Kamma Rahbek sender Johanne Langberg blomster, kan hun ikke undlade at fortælle, at Hannes engelske rival ikke overgik hende i går, og at Kamma vil bevise det i eftermiddag.

[Tilføjet med anden håndskrift:] 1818

Dear Hannah!

Sending You these flowers, which I have gatherd this morning with my own hand, I cannot forbear telling You, that Your english rival did not out-went You in his theme yesterday evening, being there many blunders, which I did correct most severly. His triumph over You, therefore, is not yet perfectly well founded, and out of this reason, I hope Yours theme will prove excellent this afternoon

affectionate K.M.R.

Arkiv 1. Rahbek, Kamma IX, 13
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