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Kamma Rahbek Torsdag morgen 1818 Hanne Langberg

Kamma Rahbek skriver til Johanne Langberg, at efter, at hun var gået, fik hun besøg af Brandis med familie, og derfor blev det for sent at skrive til Friederike Brun, som Kamma derfor beder hende hilse. I en efterskrift beder hun Hanne forhøre sig om de to tegninger, som Julius glemte at give Fr. Brun.

[Tilføjet med anden håndskrift:] 1818
Thursday Morning

Dear Hannah!

Half an hour after You did leave me, M r Brandis and family called on me, and stayed with me, till it was too late to write to M ss Brun. May I then beg of You, that You will bring her my love, and tell her, that ‘tho I am too ill see her or write to her, yet I am still able to love her with all my heart. Will You further be so kind to tell her, that I feel myself greatly indebted to her for her amiable zeal in the dear cause, I have trusted to her generosity. I can say no more, and I fear You will hardly be able to read this scrawl.

Yours Bocca-mela.

In great hurry

P.S. Will You not forget, to ask about the too Plans, which Julius promissed me to bring M ss Brun.

[På konvolutten:]
The Honourable Lady
Hannah Langberg.

Friederike Brun
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