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Lady Eastlake [+]




Afsenders hjemadresse i London: Fritzroy Square 7.

17.6.1858 Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann [+]


Ud fra brevets indhold at dømme må det anslås, at EJB befinder sig i London under modtagelsen.


Lady Eastlake skriver til Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann (EJB), at hun ikke kan mødes med EJB før Grosvenor House pga. et aftenparty hos Mr. Lockerell. Eastlake håber, de kan nå at sige farvel til hinanden før EJB’s afrejse.

7 Fitzroy Sqr.
June 17. 1858

My dear Mdme Jerichau
        Before I reached home I remembered that we had to go to another afternoon party at Mr Lockerells’ in the Regents Park before going to Grosvenor House – so that we shall be rather late, & cannot have the pleasure of taking you. But we could meet there if you would // like it. At the same time my husband thinks that a crowd of the fashionable world would not reward you for the trouble, especially as you have seen the pictures, & so, as we cannot go together, I tell you frankly what he says.
But I hope that there is // the change of our meeting again though only to say “good bye” – if not, you know how cordially I wish you luck, & how affectionately I shall remember you.
Pray apply to me the letter if you need anything that I can do, & believe me yours most truly
                Eliza Eastlake

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Charles Eastlake · Lady Eastlake · Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann
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