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Thomas Donaldson u.å. Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann

Thomas Donaldson ærgrer sig over, at Mr. Murchisson er ubeslutsom angående et køb af Elisabeth Jerichau Baumanns malerier. Han mener, at Royal Academy har ændret priserne på hendes malerier efter hendes instruktioner.
Han hilser både hende og hendes familie.

Dear Jerichau.
            The [hectored?] will then that I have not been neglectful of your commission respecting Mr. [Murchisson?]. I am sorry to find that he is so irresolute. I sent down to the Royal Academy[.] I find that they have altered the prices of yr. pictures agreeally to your instructions //
We beg to congratulate Mr Jerichau & yr. happy circle upon once again possessing you & yourself upon being in the midst of yr. dear ones.
adieu adieu & with kindest regards to Mr Jerichau & yourself believe me most truly & faithfully yrs
            Tho. L: Donaldson

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Thomas Donaldson · J.A. Jerichau · Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann
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