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Kamma Rahbek [+]


Bakkehuset, Frederiksberg

Tirsdag morgen 1818 Hanne Langberg

Kamma Rahbek takker Johanne Langberg og Maria for den aften, hun tilbragte hos dem. Kamma vil gerne stifte nærmere bekendtskab med hendes engelske familie.

[Med anden håndskrift:] 1818
Tuesday Morning

My dear Hannah!

I beg You both, You and Your amiable Sister Mary, to except my best thanks for that pleasant evening, the which I spend most agreably, tho’ I was much indisposed. I have a great mind to be better acquainted with Your english family, and with for Your kind protection in this matter.
You would oblige me infinitely, if You would be so kind, to bring my Your artificial heart, for now I have devised of my own head in what manner ‘tis made.

affectionate friend K:M:R:

In great hurry and with a bad crow-pen.

[På konvolutten:]
The honourable Lady Hannah Langberg.

Marie Langberg
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